Best society

A simple rule for determining what makes society good: Does it produce saints?

Does abortion being legal make more people act saintly, or does it encourage selfishness? How about contraception?

How did getting divorced ever make someone a better person?

Does neutrality with regard to religion and religious practice (aka, separation of church and state) result in more saints, or more snide atheists?

Does constant bombardment of digital entertainment lead people towards sainthood or towards idiocracy?

Does Democracy or Monarchy produce the most saints?

Does the welfare state produce any saints? Any at all? Or does private charity do that?

Has anyone ever felt even the tiniest bit more saintly because of public schooling?

Does legal weed produce more saints? What is weed good for?

Do militarized police encourage anyone toward saintly brotherhood, or does it promote enmity between civilians and law enforcement?

Does social media draw you closer to God or just wrap you in your own little bubble?

Does political correctness help anyone to be more saintly? Or does it induce low level fear?

In what way do the endless conveniences of modern life help anyone on their journey toward sainthood?

How does the abundance of junk food make anyone a better person?

What spiritual gain do we get from our day jobs? Is sitting in a cubicle the way towards God?

Are the saints all equal? Or are they all unique? Should we promote equality, or should we promote personalized goodness?

How does voting draw you closer to God?

What spiritual gain comes from going to a club? From drinking to excess?


The best society is the one that produces the most saints per capita.


Is there even one American saint?


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