A Matter of Life and Death

Life is good. Death is bad. Anyone who does not agree is wrong, and probably can’t be reasoned with.

God is good. Jesus is God. Jesus fought death, and won, and thus God lives. If God is good, and God lives; life must be good. But, in a sense, these ideas are the same. My idea: God is life itself. We need God at every moment. He is the entire source of our life, because he is life. If we have God, we have life! Thus, our relationship to God is our relationship to life. Our life requires God. We need God. Without him, we die. This is a matter of life and death.

Sin is bad. Death is bad. So in some sense, sin is death, or at least like it. Sin certainly leads us away from God, and if God is life, then sin leads us away from life. We think sin will give us life, or help our lives, but actually, sin kills life. Don’t sin; it’s a matter of life and death.

A good life is a life full of good, a life full of God. But a bad life is empty of the things that make life good. A bad life is empty of God.

There is a point I’m trying to make here, but the relationship between God and life appears to live more in the heart than the head, so I give up.

Written with only the 1000 most common words, plus God, Jesus, and sin.



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