Look at me


Look at me
Look at me
Driving and I won’t stop
And it feels so good to be
Alive and on top

Narcissism is widespread in this modern society of ours. These lyrics capture what all good little members of modernity desire to become: rich and famous. Not only do we desire to be successful, more importantly than that, we all desire for others to know us as successful. This is best demonstrated in the Kardashians or Hiltons of the world who are famous for being famous.

Who is even surprised by the dominance of this ideal? Given our highly materialistic metaphysics, nothing is more natural than our unnatural concern with the natural, material world. If this life is all there is, it makes sense to make it the most personally pleasurable life possible, and there is little more pleasurable than to be a multi-millionaire admired by millions.

The deep-seated need for attention our society has is evident in the technologies we use. Twitter is a platform almost entirely for showing off how witty you are. Facebook is for showing off how great your life is. Instagram is for literally showing off your own body, or the food you eat. How many hours each day are devoted to self-aggrandizement?

The “good” companies nowadays are the ones which generate media attention, not necessarily profits.

But attention-seeking, like all forms of hedonism, fails in the end.

This life is not all there is. Rather, this life is a prelude to eternity. Success in this life ought to be measured by the quality of the next, not by your follower count on Twitter, or by the number in your bank account.

Ironically, the focus on gaining attention for oneself, has tended to go hand in hand with a decrease in one’s own attention span. Reading tweets may make you a better tweeter, but it will not make you a better thinker.


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